The Fire Team USA workshop is fantastic! It provides an energetic opportunity to learn methods to promote residential fire sprinklers. The presenters provide workshop participants with the tools to carry back to their jurisdiction to advance the use of sprinklers. Residential sprinklers are truly a firefighter's best friend. Don't miss an opportunity to attend a Fire Team USA workshop. You will not be disappointed!”
Frank Blackley
Assistant Chief  - Wilmington Fire Department
"In over 30 years of service, there have been very few other issues that I have seen as important to a Chief and a Community than that of residential sprinklers. Fire Team USA presents information that absolutely opens the eyes of all who attend to how we can effectively save lives of citizens and firefighters and save property with the installation of residential fire sprinklers. Every Chief and Fire Marshal needs to attend and bring their elected officials in order to improve the quality of life in their respective communities.”
Wesley Green
Ret. Fire Chief  - Mooresville Fire Department
" I received information that home sprinklers are really very affordable. That they can also be very attainable when homes are own rural water supply. The conference allowed for current info and ways to get the word out to people of our state. I would most certainly recommend to others. We have to educate folks about cost/value and priorities" "The FTUSA Conference was a wonderful learning opportunity for me having very little previous knowledge of home fire sprinklers. I left the conference feeling excited and confident about spreading the word about the importance of home fire sprinklers. There was lots of information given over the 1 and a half days, but key points were emphasized so as not to be overwhelmed with all the information at one time. Not coming from a fire service background some terms and information were confusing to me, but overall I understood the most important parts. I would recommend this conference to anyone and everyone because I believe it truly makes you a home fire sprinkler advocate. If everyone was a home fire sprinkler advocate it would be much easier to require them to be installed in new homes." "I was very impressed with the presentation. When Cathie and I built our house 8 years ago we were too were told that sprinklers were not an option generally due to our well limiting the ability of such a system. I am going to reinvestigate the issue now with this new information. I don't have a sprinkler system for my yard but you can bet I will get one for my house before the grass gets one."
North Carolina Office of Fire Marshals
Various Employees
"I would like to take the time to say that the seminar I attended in Georgia was the most informative seminar I have attended in my 22 years of Fire Service. The information given during this seminar and Tools in the Box given to everyone should help advance this country into the future, accomplishing the goals of the Fire Service, "To Save Lives". This was the most outstanding, informative seminar I have ever attended. I stand and applaud all involved!!!"
James H. Ashdown
Liberty Co. (GA) FiIre Services Coordinator
"Fire Team USA is an important effort designed to bring key partners together to enhance the fire and life safety of communities by increasing the installations of automatic fire sprinklers in homes. The frequency and severity of residential fires in our nation could be significantly reduced in the future if new home construction included automatic fire sprinklers and incentives were offered to encourage retrofitting existing homes with fire sprinklers. We must work to make this a priority in the future. Over time, these efforts will result in enhanced levels of public safety and firefighter safety as well. Join with Fire Team USA to help make this vision a reality."
Dennis Compton
Chairman of the Board  - National Fallen FIrefighters Foundation
"Fire Team USA exceeded my expectations. We have a residential sprinkler ordinance in my jurisdiction already, but the information is given out provided a wealth of tools to help maintain and continue the success and stability of our ordinance. I will recommend attendance to everyone who wants to provide residential fire protection in their community. As far as I'm concerned, this one and a half day event are all you really need to kick off a successful process for fire protection."
Barbara Rice
Fire Marshal  - Cottonwood Arazonia
"This training greatly enhanced my understanding of the value of sprinkler systems to save lives in my community and add to the security of my own family and properties at a very affordable cost."
Greg Mattison
President  - Citizens for Picture Rocks